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Foreign Currency

RRSB Forex - The Most Trusted Name in Foreign Currency Exchange in India

RRSB Forex is the most reputed and trusted platform for foreign currency exchange in India, money remittance, and foreign travel cards in India. We built our institution and reputation on the trust bequeathed upon us by our valuable customers. The transparent business done by our customers is the reason why RRSB Forex is the only place they go. Our customers can do any foreign currency exchange with ease. Whether you want to buy, sell, or send money abroad, at RRSB Forex you are assured of the highest quality of services and the most competitive rates for the most returns on your money.

Foreign Currency Exchange in India:

Over the past century, RRSB Forex has been at the forefront of propagating foreign currency exchange in India to new heights. The company has pioneered the dealings in foreign currency for the masses. With an exceptional depth of coverage all over the country, it is easy to see why the name of RRSB Forex has become synonymous with online foreign currency exchange.

What Are the Ways of Exchanging Indian Rupee to Foreign Currencies and Foreign Currencies to Indian Rupee?

Indian residents can exchange Indian Rupee to foreign currencies and foreign currencies to Indian rupee through the following five methods:

  • 1. Money exchangers are a common source to exchange money.
  • 2. Tourists are familiar with currency exchange kiosks at most international airports in India.
  • 3. Banks are a common institution to exchange money into foreign currencies.
  • 4. The Reserve Bank of India has authorized some money changers in India who can exchange between Indian Rupees and other foreign currencies.
  • 5. Reliable forex companies like RRSB Forex are by far the most reliable and the most profitable way to exchange between Indian Rupees and other foreign currencies. RRSB Forex has a wide network spread across most cities all over India. The vast network of branches is in place to deliver the best possible experience to all their customers. The company also deals with as many as 36 currencies, which can make the process of exchanging foreign currencies extremely convenient. RRSB Forex not only provides the online currency exchange in India when compared to any of the mediums mentioned above but also does so without charging high transaction fees, services charges, or any other miscellaneous expenses. The company also processes transactions faster, with more security, and at the complete convenience of the customer.

RRSB Forex and Foreign Currency:

With RRSB Forex, you can enjoy multiple foreign currency services.

  • ➔ Buying Foreign Currency: You can exchange your money in Indian Rupees for an equivalent value in any foreign currency you want.
  • ➔ Selling Foreign Currency: You can exchange your money in any foreign currency for an equivalent value in Indian Rupees.
  • ➔ Transfer Money to Foreign Countries From India.

Why Choose RRSB Forex When it Comes to Foreign Currency Exchange Services?
  • Enjoy the best rates for online foreign currency exchange in India. Our rates are better than any other vendors or airport exchange terminals.
  • ➔ Deal with the latest and live rates of foreign currency in the market. Say goodbye to haggling and bargaining for authentic rates.
  • ➔ Exchange your currency directly, without having to through any kind of middlemen.
  • ➔ Complete your business with us successfully from any location in India thanks to our coverage all over the country.
  • ➔ Enjoy big savings when availing of our services, with very little to no transaction charges and the best rates of foreign currency exchange.
The RRSB Advantage:
  • Exchange your money from Indian Rupees to as many as 36 different foreign currencies. You can also exchange back from these foreign currencies into Indian Rupees.
  • Shop hassle-free and wrinkle-free with good quality notes in the denominations of your choice.
  • Enjoy the convenience of doorstep delivery in major metropolitan cities all across India.
  • Do online foreign currency exchange in India free of worries with no minimum order size restrictions.
  • Our competitive rates mean that you have a one-stop shop for all your foreign currency needs with RRSB Forex.
Why Go For The Best Rates With RRSB Forex?

The online currency exchange in India of foreign currencies are the most important factor in doing business with foreign currencies. It determines the value of the money in hand which is to be exchanged. It is absolutely essential to get the best returns for the sum being exchanged in order to ensure the maximum profit out of it. At RRSB Forex, customers enjoy the advantage of getting the live currency exchange rate when you choose to exchange your money, guaranteeing you the best possible exchange value. Our rates are the most competitive ones that you will find in the market. We know what our customers love, and it is our mission to bring that to them!

Why Pay More When You Do Not Need to Spend a Dime With RRSB Forex?

Transactions in foreign currencies are usually charged at exorbitant rates, making it difficult to justify. Banks and other vendors make the most of the people wanting to do online money exchange in India their money in foreign currencies or vice versa. With RRSB Forex, it is time to forget all about such atrocious transaction fees and service charges. “Hidden charges” is a term that we do not have in our dictionary. We deliver the best possible service all over the country, at the customer’s doorstep without charging anything extra or unnecessary.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Does the currency exchange rate vary from city to city?

A: The best rates for online currency exchange in India are dependant on a lot of factors. Different cities have different vendors and different banks, all of which charge differently. Rates vary from vendor to vendor within the same city so it is no surprise that the currency exchange rates fluctuate from city to city. The most rudimentary way to understand this is with the concept of supply and demand. Tier I cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai have high demand. Hence in order to increase the supply, the currency exchange rates are cheap. However, the case is not the same in Tier II and Tier III cities. Here the rates tend to be much more expensive than their Tier I counterparts. The availability of forex providers also plays a major role in determining the rates. RRSB Forex has branches all over the country. This lets us provide the best rates possible on the day of the deal, making sure that our customers do not miss out on getting a better value.

2. Is it possible to get my exchanged money delivered to me?

A: RRSB Forex provides its customers with the facility of doorstep delivery. This service can be availed in the metro cities in India. The facility is geared towards utilitarian value with the convenience of customers as a priority.

3. How is RRSB Forex able to provide foreign currency exchange rates which are better than what the banks are providing?

A: Banks provide the rates for online currency exchange in India which are fixed on that particular day for that particular currency. However, RRSB Forex offers live rates when the customer wants to do anything related to foreign currency. The live rates are almost always better than the fixed exchange rates and are closer to the inter-bank rates (IBR). RRSB Forex provides the best possible rates not only compared to banks but other forex exchangers as well. This is done by comparing the various rates prevalent in the market and providing the best one to the customers.

4. How safe is foreign currency transactions?

A: RRSB Forex priorities the latest in security measures to ensure the highest possible level of security. Tight encryptions and the most secure protocols are maintained to keep both data and money safe and sound. Our servers are also monitored by the same high level of security mechanisms, making it impossible to cause any kind of damage.

5. What is the support system at RRSB Forex?

A: RRSB Forex ensures that their customers are always well taken care of. The 24x7 customer support team is available to solve any query and deliver a satisfactory experience.


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