How Selecting RRSB will Solve Foreign Money Transfer Problems

Finding the right money transfer service provider is hard these days. People often fall prey to hidden fees, fraud, heavy charges, and failed transactions without refund. It is not hard to do foreign money transfers from Gurgaon. There are countless forex agencies offering attractive rates and services. However, you never know which one of them has a proper license, and whether they have kept hidden charges or not. Sen Group’s RRSB Forex is a century-old name of trust that offers easy transactions in low charge for money remittance. If you are thinking about why to choose RRSB Forex over other forex companies and financial institutions, then read below -

1. RRSB Forex Offers Affordable Rates than Banks and Other Financial Institutions -

The steep charges of banks, airports, and ATMs are one of the main reasons to rely more on RRSB Forex. Banks and airports charge unreasonable charges for money transfer as well as currency exchange in Gurgaon. In banks and airports, the charge is higher 6 to 10% than RRSB Forex. Unlike banks and airports, the main business aspect of RRSB Forex is money remittance and currency exchange. Hence, to retain customers and establish trust, the company offers the minimum charge that is expected and justified in the current market. Most importantly, the goal of RRSB Forex is to help the users who want to send money to their children and loved ones residing abroad and in need of financial help.

2. Proper Authorization - To make sure you are sending your money through the most reliable source, it is necessary to see whether the company is authorized to a national bank (preferably RBI) or not. RRSB Forex is authorized by the RBI and thus there is no second opinion concerning its authenticity. It is best to opt for RBI authorization since they regulate the international currency exchange market in India.

3. Fast Remittance - In most cases, money remittance customers have an emergency purpose to send money overseas. For international money transfers, banks generally take five to seven business days, whereas RRSB Forex takes one to three or three to five business days. Their target is to reach out to the recipient as soon as possible. If there is any technical glitch, the company first informs their customers and in case the money fails to reach, a refund is initiated immediately. For this fast and prompt service, your first choice should be RRSB Forex.

4. No Scams and Hidden Charges - One of the common struggles people have often gone through for remittance and currency exchange in Gurgaon is paying hidden charges. To attract target customers, many companies and banks offer unbelievably low prices and later show up with charges, which are not mentioned before. Unlike that, RRSB prefers to keep a transparent transaction and relationship with its consumers. What they charge is fairly reasonable and the benefits they provide (reward points) help the customers with their future transactions.

5. A humble customer service - Many of us go through many queries and problems while opting for money remittance for the first time. Often there are complicated transaction procedures, which are difficult to access for the customers. If you select RRSB, you get the help and assistance of their humble customer care team as and when required. They take prompt actions and revert fast to resolve queries and complaints. Hence, if you are new to avail of this service, RRSB’s customer service is there to direct you on the right path.

The company is well aware of the common and most frequent problems the customers of the foreign money transfers from Gurgaon suffer from. Their decades-old experience has sharpened their knowledge and trends of this market. Save yourself from the frauds and go to the right place. RRSB Forex is here to help you with all your remittance and money exchange problems.

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