Going Abroad? Find a Currency Exchange Service Near You for the Best Rate

If you are planning to go abroad in the coming days, then you are currently in need of a currency exchange service. To find the best foreign currency exchange in Punjab, you need to do a little research to get recent updates on the exchange rate, recommendations, and referrals. As a customer, your main priority is to find a reliable service provider who will offer the best market rate. You might be a traveller, an employee or a student who is going to study in a foreign college. In that case, you will be in need of either foreign cash or a travel card. If you are going to stay there for a long time, then a travel forex card would be the best option for you.

How does a currency exchange service work?

A foreign currency exchange service processes cash transactions from its clients in both national and international currencies. They provide updates and information about the exchange rates so that it becomes easier for their clients to sell and buy foreign currencies. They are liable to make deposits of the cash, check the money validity, and record the exchange transactions. For currency exchange or for money remittance, it is better to opt for the best currency exchanges in Punjab. You will get the best rates and added advantages along with relatively faster service than banks and other financial institutions.

How to find a reliable currency exchange in Punjab for the best rate?

To find some of the best currency exchanges in Punjab, there are some parameters to consider. The factors, which you should consider before availing yourself of a currency exchange service are the following -

  • A proper authorization by RBI should be preferred
  • Experience in the market for more than five years
  • Positive reviews
  • Lucrative rate

Now that you have understood the basic factors to consider, here is a list of ways to find a reliable lead -

1. Holistic research - To find enough referrals and information, it is better to have thorough research. Make online research about the ongoing market rates, service charges and the prospect of the currency you are going to invest in. If you are opting for a fast remittance service then find out how many days it will take to reach. Once you have had enough knowledge regarding these primary aspects, search online utility portals to find a suitable forex company. To get better referrals, you can rely on your offline sources too. Also, research to find out what type of currency pairs are being offered by the providers. 

2. Read reviews - Before getting service, try to find customer reviews. Testimonials will help you in understanding whether to buy their service or not. Alongside, you will get to know about many other factors too. You will find such reviews in many online service or utility portals. Besides, you can find them on a company’s website too.

3. Verification of the authorization - As mentioned above, you should find forex that is authorized with the Reserve Bank of India. Since the reserve bank of India main controls the main occupation of the foreign currency field, it is best to opt for a service with their authorization. Make sure your chosen service provider has the full Fledged Money Changers license. Verify such data on your own.

4. Customer care service - As a client, you might find the need to contact customer service. To resolve any of your queries, assist you in enjoying a better service, or take your complaints, there should be a customer care team provided by the forex available at your convenience. Before opting for the service provider, call on their given customer care number and see their responses. Ask them about their procedures, terms and conditions. Follow this procedure whenever you are searching or verifying a forex company. Compare the response and then take the decision.

5. Trading Forum - As a client, you will need a virtual trading platform where you can sell or buy the currencies. Make sure the one you are choosing has the same. 

6. Compare the rates - Last but not least is comparing the rates. To narrow down the search list and to make the final decision, compare the rates offered by different forex service providers.

Now that you have understood the basic factors and the ways to find the best foreign currency exchange in Punjab, try to follow the steps. It is always best to rely only on a company that is RBI authorized.


Summary - Searching for forex companies in Punjab? Opt for an RBI authorized company who is doing business for more than five years in this field. Make sure their enjoying customer care service is flexible and they offer a trading platform for you.

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